Jeff Troupe Designs Website Update

We originally launched JeffTroupeDesigns.com back in July shortly after launching our graphic design and web design company, Jeff Troupe Designs. At that time a basic version of the site was launched with no integrated portfolio or blog. The testimonial page was also not finished and a few design concepts that were more technical to implement had not been added. We wanted to get the site up and running quickly, but we are now very excited that it now reflects the original vision.

All of these missing elements are now present in the current version of the site. This is a 100% custom website that we built from concept to artwork to code and implementation. There are a couple of open source javascript plugins that have been added to enhance the functionality, but all of the site architecture was created by Jeff Troupe Designs.

The site is clean with no distracting elements. We added a few flourishes like the paint tube buttons and the laptop illustration in the header and the footer. We wanted to make it easy for potential clients to look at the site and quickly and easily find out what services we offer and what we are about. I think we were successful in that.

One fun element that we added was in the header image of the laptop computer. It starts out dark, but upon rollover, the task light turns on and brightens up the entire image. This was done in css by having two images stacked one on top of the other and taking the opacity of the top image (the dark image) to 0% and thus revealing the light image beneath.

Jeff Troupe Designs portfolio page

Jeff Troupe Designs home page

Jeff Troupe Designs home page when the header image is in its rollover state

Jeff Troupe Designs Portfolio detail page

Jeff Troupe Designs Testimonials page


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