Magazine Ads

I have really enjoyed working with the Hockaday Museum on a variety of projects including their magazine ads that appear in national publications like Fine Art Connoisseur and Plein Air Magazine.

The goal in creating these ads was to keep within the parameters of the existing Hockaday branding (fonts and colors) and arrange the information in a visually interesting way without confusing the viewer. A distinct visual hierarchy needs to be present in which the most important information stands out the most. You can use size, color, and contrast to achieve this along with many other visual conventions.

Balance is also key to a pleasing visual design so layouts can not be too heavily weighted to one side of the image or another. I use paragraph and character styles extensively throughout my designs to ensure consistent text formatting and employ guides and margins so my copy has a clean professional look.

Hockaday Museum ad, Plein Air Magazine
Hockaday Museum ad, Fine Art Conoisseur

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