Hockaday Museum Orphan Art Show Poster

This is one of the recent projects that I worked on with the Hockaday Museum of Art. It was fun to design a poster for an art show in which I will be showing some of my paintings. The concept behind the Orphan At Show is for collectable artists in the Flathead Valley to donate up to 4 small works to the Hockaday Museum in which 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Museum. The illustration of the poster went through a few revisions so that the idea behind the show would be communicated  most effectively.

A Les Miserables style orphan was explored, along with an orphan dog. But the baby basket with the painting inside on the doorstep made the final cut.

The style used to render the illustration was limited palette colored pencil on a white/grey background. This was done to keep the image from being too cartoony but still artsy and playful. The high 'x' hight Birch font was used for the Orphan Art Sale logo for its dramatic, theatrical and playful look.

the finished poster

basket concepts

house concepts

les mis / orphan annie concepts

puppy and basket concepts
logo concepts

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