Rhythm & Q's Logo Contest Submission

This was my submission to the logo contest for the first annual Rhythm & Q's Musical Festival and BBQ contest in Lake City SC. I wanted to combine BBQ and music and what better way to do that than with a pig rocking out on a guitar in front of a red hot grill?

All of the elements needed to have a feeling of motion to them so I set the text on a wavy curve and gave the pig a very dynamic pose. In a logo for an event called Rhythm and Q's, a feeling of rhythm needed to be at the core of the design. The treble clef as the ampersand added more depth to the image as a whole, reinforced the music theme and echoed the squigly shape of the pigs tail. The warm color scheme helps to unify both ideas cohesively. 

This is a more playful design than I typically do for my clients so it was a fun change of pace. And while my logo wasn't selected as the winner, it was a fun project and I got to show of some of my artistic versatility.

the final logo

logo sketch

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