Paul E Gregory Fine Art

Our latest custom website project is completed. This is a 100% custom site built from raw html and css code using only one of a kind graphics. I create my mockups using InDesign, then build the site's code to match the mockup. Paul E Gregory Fine Art has some great paintings. Check out his work.

Fine Art websites are a lot of fun for me to create. I meet with the artist personally like I do all my clients to learn more about them and their work. I use the artists work to inspire and inform the design of the site. Paul uses bold brushstrokes and I incorporated that element in the footer using a ragged painted top edge to give the site a more tangible feel. I used a painted swoosh element to set off the subheads and I used the 'P' and 'G' in his signature to create his logo. 

I look forward to creating many more fine artist websites in the future. Artists don't use templates when creating their artwork so I never use templates when creating their websites.

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