Captured on Canvas Promotional Materials

Patti and I have spent the last week and a half developing our promotional materials for our Captured on Canvas Wedding Painting business. The bulk of the time was spent on the tri-fold brochure which gives a good amount of detail about the services provided, prices, packages, and information about the artist.

I wanted the design to be clean and simple and highlight the artwork. The color scheme that was chosen is black, white, gray, and pink as these are an elegant combination, evoke weddings, and have a feminine appeal.

I also developed the Captured on Canvas logo, which was created in such a way so it could be nicely paired with my existing Jeff Troupe Fine Art logo. I chose simple clean shapes as to make it have a similar feel, but chose a century gothic font for the main title and an elegant script font for the 'wedding painter' part of the logo to differentiate it a bit. The large painting of Patti and myself is featured on the cover of the brochure which was chosen for its dramatic lighting and that the logos in white compliment it nicely.

We also developed three postcards which show a painting as it progresses from sketch to completion on the front and pricing information on the back. My progressions of these paintings have been very popular on social media and gives a lot of insight into the craft of the end product.

We are also going to begin offering gift certificates at Jeff Troupe Fine Art and have highlighted them in the promotional material. The burgundy version of the logo was used and all the copy and type setting is burgundy as well. The script font was used for its elegance and perceived value.

Captured on Canvas postcard #1 (front)

Captured on Canvas postcard (back)

Captured on Canvas postcard #2 (front)

Captured on Canvas postcard #3 (front)

Captured on Canvas brochure (inside)

Captured on Canvas brochure (outside)

Jeff Troupe Fine Art gift certificate